Art Direction & Design

Saturday Skin Branding & Package Design

I developed the branding and name for a new K-Beauty line for millennials and came up with the tagline: Make Every Day a Saturday, to reference a youthful and carefree beauty attitude. The logotype has the casual feel of a stamp and the color palette evokes the fresh, dewy look of youth. The main color is a pale pink alluding to the young glow of the brand’s customers and the bright green is a nod to the fruity ingredients in the product formulas. I played with angled, intersecting lines that follow the path of the logotype, when designing the secondary packaging.

  • Role: Art Direction, Design & Production
  • Client: Chalogy
  • Year: 2016
  • Agency: CMYK+White, Inc.

Saturday Skin Branding
Photography by Kim Myers Robertson
Saturday Skin Packaging
Photography by Henry Kim, nnd media group
Apa White Duo Packaging
Photography by Henry Kim, nnd media group